Contemporary and Natural Interior Design Restaurant / Ubuntu by APPARATUS Architecture

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This contemporary interior design restaurant idea was inspire from the classic and vintage urban living long time ago. Here, we can use some natural things, such as wood, stone, and bold pattern fabric. Start from the first part of the restaurant. Along the dining room, we can see the long dynamic table complete with the black strong chair and portable cushions. Go along to the bar, we will see an artistic wine storage completed with the artistic manage. Special fro the oldest and exclusive wine, they put on the top of he wine rack to make different between the usual and special wine. Here, bar was complete with a set of less arm chair with a high stand. Along to the independent set of dining room, we will see the four set of chairs with a square table complete with the compliment to eat. Going to the next step, we will found the long stand table include with a long chairs set. If we see this long dining room, we will remind the place in our school. Yeah, this place was reminding us in the canteen. Here, we can both host our family or held a meeting with our colleague. This contemporary restaurant was design the wood not only for the materials in the eating set, but also they use as a roof, floor, and the other dining compliment to eat. Since this place was made for a family or a group of people, they also made an open kitchen close to the dining room. So, the costumer can enjoy both eating and see the flambé from the chef. This restaurant also gives small collections for this place. They put a small and beauty chandelier with different color in every table. And then, special for the long dining set, the put the set of glass pendant lamp as a lightener. Now, please complete your imagination through the picture of natural concept interior decorating restaurant. APPARATUS Architecture


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