Soul Box restaurant/bar / a01 Architects

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Soul Box restaurant / bar is located on the main party street of Vilnius city, bearing the same name. The bars’ interior design concept is based on simplicity: two separate spaces – the restaurant / bar and the dance floor. The main axis of Soul Box is an 8m long bar, wrapped in square plywood structure elements, which easily transform into shelves, handrails or lamps. The versatility of the structure elements is what helps create the ambiance of the bar. Building structure and other elements of the old premises, which match the interior, have been uncovered. Soulbox has resurrected the architectural heritage of a bygone era, of a building that perhaps for a bit too long, was left empty.

Appearance is important, it is the packaging for what is inside – our feelings and our achievements. Within SoulBox there are tens or even hundreds of small details which accentuate the interior. Anyone visiting, no matter whether by day or night, leaves SoulBox impressed.SoulBox has space for different moods of the year and time of day, and will satisfy different needs. You may eat during the day (although the kitchen stays open until the morning), when it gets dark one can dance the night away with DJs or musicians developing a new musical theme each night. No need to hurry home, since SoulBox is the real center of Vilnius.


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