The Cube Restaurant by Park Associati for Electrolux Pops Up in Brussels

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Electrolux has opened the doors of the Cube designed by Park Associati, a unique restaurant with a very exclusive view.
Crowning the beautiful, 30-hectare Parc du Cinquantenaire, the Arc de Triomphe is the perfect home for The Cube in Brussels. Erected in 1905, the intricately carved arch commemorates the 50th anniversary of Belgian independence in 1880.

The Cube’s location atop the arch will offer diners once-in-a-lifetime views over the park and the Brussels skyline beyond.

The interior of the THE CUBE has been designed to suit different arrangements; the pavilion consists of a large open-planned space with a visible kitchen and a single large table that can be made to disappear by raising it up to the ceiling to form a lounge area for use after eating

The transparent and semi-transparent structures will be seen atop of buildings, monuments and even on water in Belgium, Italy, Russia, Switzerland and Sweden but only for three months at each location.


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