Asphalt Klub by Karhard

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The basement of the Hilton Hotel at Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin (Mitte), formerly known as Trader Vics, has been transformed byKarhard into a modern club complete with bar, lounges, dancefloor and a live music venue named Asphalt.

All existing fixtures were removed to reveal the buildings skeleton so as to measure accurately the acoustical properties of the blank space.

To tackle the soundproofing, the perimeter walls of the entire club were equipped with floating partition walls and the freestanding structural columns were clad in brickwork, which served to decisively shape the overall appearance of the club. Lining the walls with a woven anodized steel mesh was used to improve room acoustics.

A key element of the club is the centrally arranged stage which serves to divide the overall space into a club area with a dancefloor and a bar area with a live music platform.

The furniture concept was to use a balance of both used and new by selecting contemporary designer elements as well as lesser known pieces such as salvaged Gymnastic Vaulting Boxes and Vintage Mirrors. Leather seating upholstery in Aubergine, Mocca and Olive Green back rest. Textiles were manufactured by Romo. The flooring of coloured polished asphalt, became the namesake for the club. Parapet and bar panelling are made of rough, dark stained timber.

Source: Karhard


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