Brasserie Elverket by Codesign

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During 2010 Codesign produced a new interior for Brasserie Elverket. They designed, built, delivered the furniture, and coordinated the complete project.

The restaurant, housed in an old power station, got a whole new appearance – a brass bar, shelves made of dark wood, leather sofas, marble tables and white tiles with yellow grout – a rustic and classic interior with a modern twist. The owners, four happy food loving enthusiasts, wanted a completely new interior but keep the concept of good food and the genuine atmosphere of a local neighbourhood restaurant.

First of all the general layout of the space was changed. By placing the bar directly facing the entrance all visitors get the possibility of a personal welcome by one of the owners. In connection to the bar there is a lounge area with a combination of lounge chairs, a custom built sofa and high tables with bar stools. Further inside there is a classic, yet highly flexible restaurant seating with wall mounted sofas and modern thonet-style chairs.

By creating several types of seating the restaurant now can cater for the needs of all types of visitors, ranging from dining couples and the regular patron entering for a beer and a chat to large parties coming for after work drinks or having brunch on Sundays.

So far, the new interior has been a huge success for the client. Sales immediately increased by more than 40% after re-opening and the number of customers still keeps on growing. Considering the fact that the restaurant now has slightly less seats and that neither the menu, nor the staff has changed since before the renovation this success is obviously largely due to the new layout and design.  The modern touch keeps attracting new visitors, the versatility makes it possible to welcome them any time and thanks to the personal and friendly atmosphere they will come back!


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