Chi Sing

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Chi Sing is a crossroad of Asian and European culture right in the heart of one of Europe’s most dynamic cities. The interior, designed by Thilo Reich, reminds one of a dream; its playful, almost feminine persona, makes for an interesting contrast with Chi Sing’s late-nineteenth-century style, Wilhelmine fascade.

The space combines various Asian ideas of minimalism with Western motifs. Established Western interior design rituals have been modified to accord with Feng Shui tenets. As a result, the spaces interior channels Berlin Mittes creative energy, and releases it into the dining area like a tender breeze.

The bar at the entrance is based on an origami leave which appears like it has jst been blown in with the latest guest. The same breeze lets the origami flowers, raining from the ceiling, dance. They are connective element, floating like a river of flowers, guiding the guests to their seats. Their gentle movements play with the light and draw soft shadows on the ocean of diverse antique, agate-gray chairs.

The spectrum of colors in the restaurant has intentionally been composed in gray shades, while the wall paintings add a warm touch to the room.



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