Concrete Blonde by Dreamtime

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Concrete Blonde is the newest restaurant to hit the Potts Point dining scene with acclaimed chef, Patrick Dang at the kitchen helm. Concrete Blonde’s rustic industrial design, from award-winning designer Michael McCann and Dreamtime Australia, features a central fireplace, quirky spanner light fittings, a cow hide wall, an open rotisserie and open grill giving patrons a strong visual smorgasbord of high energy and action. The 100-seater restaurant is complemented by a bar showcasing a wall of nails originating from United States where patrons can enjoy a pre-dinner drink.

The menu is diverse with a clear focus on seasonal produce – the essence of Patrick’s cooking, highlighting the terroir of the produce such as Berkshire Pork and Murrylands Farm lamb. The menu is inspired by Dang’s international cooking experiences and he says, “brings my world journey out on a plate”.

“Concrete Blonde doesn’t take itself too seriously. We want to be accessible, we have a sense of humour and we just want our guests to have a great time,” says Dang. “Food is a powerful tool that brings people together and we simply want to share good cooking with our customers.”


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