El Patio

Condesa df Hotel

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Architect Javier Sánchez and interior design guru India Mahdavi have converted and decorated this antique jewel of a building in the heart of the Condesa neighbourhood, transforming it into Mexico City’s latest address du jour. Characterised by its artistic nature and funky individuality, the Condesa neighbourhood represents the very essence of bohemian lifestyle. Tucked away between historic façades on a tree-lined road, the new Condesa df hotel imaginatively fuses the name and spirit of its environment with Javier Sánchez and India Mahdavi’s inventive and playful simplicity, thus creating a place one continually longs to be in.

Mahdavi centres her work on pure imagination. The spaces she conceives are elegant, fluid and always tell a story in relation to the essence of their location. “For the Condesa df hotel, I wanted to create a place that is more than a just a hotel, more than a restaurant, not quite a home, but a pleasant place to be in. I wanted to introduce the feel of Europe to Mexicans and the feel of Mexico to foreigners in an understated place that can grow in synergy with the neighbourhood”.

Conceptualised by Jonathan Morr, the Condesa df’s ground-floor El Patio restaurant exemplifies the ideal of effortless style, flowing through a series of privacy-optional rooms, ringing a vivid, flora-filled courtyard, and promoting a constant flux and movement between the in- and outdoors. Dinners at El Patio, are at risk of running late into the nights, not only due to the exquisite and carefully compiled choice of dishes but also because of the magical atmosphere of the place. The triangular area of the restaurant has quickly become a place for people watching, redefining the concept of al fresco dining in the Mexican capital and bringing together the city’s biggest number of beautiful people per square meter.



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