Greek Tavern and Butcher Shop: Fabrica Creaton by Minas Kosmidis

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Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant will be able to tell about the massive divide between the food we eat and where it comes from. We have grown unaccustomed to associating the finished product with where the ingredients come from. Minas Kosmidis is helping to bridge this gap with Fabrica Creaton. This tavern in Komotini, Northern Greece, makes no bones about the origins of its meat, with images of livestock decorating the walls, cleavers embedded in tables and cuts of meat visible from the floor, you will be in no doubt of where your food comes from.

The design of the interior is in keeping with the tavern’s butcher shop theme. The walls are finished in a strongly contrasted mixture of sterile white tiles and black paint. Blood red accents are found throughout the space on chairs and pendant lights. Black and white butcher’s apron gingham has been used to upholster the seats. In order to keep the space warm and inviting, wood is also found throughout the space.

Before we start to get too morbid, a lot of fun has been injected into the design with the details. Yianis Tokalatsidis has provided quirky graphic design to liven up the space. Images of livestock faces and behinds, taken with a fisheye lens for maximum comic effect, line the walls. Fun tree-trunk-section chopping blocks with cleavers embedded in them are used for bar tables with their chairs upholstered in cowhide. Ruffled Greek skirts form the shades of some of the pendant lights.

With such a bold mix of colors and textures, spiced up with playful details, Fabrica Creaton is sure to earn its meat.


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