La Cantina by Sandra Tarruella

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La Cantina is a new project from Sandra Tarruella Interior Designers, located in Mallorca, at Puerto Portals. The concept of the new restaurant-canteen originated in the intention to create a place mainly aimed at young people, those seeking a less formal place than Flanigan´s and the children of Flanigan´s customers.

The main sensation intended to transmit with this project is to enter a dynamic, youthful, fun and fresh space, which is achieved both through the use of materials and colours and the furniture distribution, mostly made up of shared tables.

Simple and natural materials such as pine wood and birch plywood, iron and the continuous micro-cement floor surface, together with the coloured striped wall, reminiscent of beach houses, the spice plants on garden carts at the terrace and the storage seen in the dining room help us to accomplish this sensation.

Another very important and fundamental element was the intention to create a unique space between the interior and the terrace, by opening the facade as much as possible, using sliding doors that become secluded when open, and by repeating the same furniture concept both outside and indoors.



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