Matbaren and Matsalen by Mathias Dahlgren

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Ilse Crawford was assigned to establish two different kinds of restaurant environments that complement each other. Ilse and her team have drawn upon the traditional roots of Sweden and Stockholm as well as the modern global influences of the city. The result is ”Matsalen” the private à la carte Dining Room, which accommodates 38 guests in an intimate, sensual environment, where the experience is based on creative cuisine presented in a traditional form.”Matbaren” The Food Bar seats 50 guests and offers a quicker but high quality eating experience in a more robust and natural setting, and the experience is based on traditional cuisine presented in a different form. The Entrance Bar will distinguish between these two environments by displaying an over-sized gilded narrative screen. Created by the celebrated design team, Studio Job, culinary tools, rustic Swedish icons and Viking ships have been woven together in an intricate pattern, resulting in a dramatic statement piece. The Restaurant Mathias Dahlgren is co-owned by the Grand Hôtel and Mathias Dahlgren.



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