Plachuttas Gasthaus zur Oper by Atelier Heiss

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Once again, Atelier Heiss Architects are working for Mario Plachutta. This time a „new generation of a Viennese Gasthaus“ is being created in centrally located Walfischgasse. The extensive reconstruction of the historic building, which is in part protected as a historic monument, and the joining of two buildings was mastered by Atelier Heiss Architekten with great sensitivity.

The traditional Gasthaus terms were reinterpreted in a new manner and now evoke a modern flair, featuring glazed, sculpted tiles, elaborately restored wainscoting as well as subdued color shades. Specially designed solid wood tables embody the claim to highest quality, emphasizing the proximity to the Ballet of the Vienna State Opera by its „dancing table legs“.

The variety of dining areas is brought together to a harmonious whole by the continuous design and a clear axis through the rooms. The reception and bar area leads to two elliptical private rooms, which serve as cozy tables for the regulars. The main dining room features vaults dating back to medieval times, and yet has a distinctly urban atmosphere with a reinforced foundation. The „Kitchen Room“ completes the restaurant, allowing a view of the busy happenings in the kitchen and simultaneous enjoyment of the square (outside).

A further highlight is the outdoor seating area with an impressive awning, giving the public area a new design and upgrading by premium-quality granite and new lighting, revitalizing this neighborhood of downtown Vienna. The garden offers seating for 150 persons, where a Wiener Schnitzel, the central item on the menu, can be enjoyed in a new urban atmosphere.



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