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The main concept of Poncelet CHEESE BAR designed by GABRIEL CORCHERO STUDIO is based on the care of nature, and the use of materials and products that are environmentally friendly. Therefore all these elements revolve around this great premise, we return to the origins and craftwork from the standpoint of cutting edge most innovative and timeless.

The façade, made of cedar wood, is vaporized and protected with a water varnish treatment environmentally sustainable. This part simulates the topography of the earth in the form of wooden slats at different levels, giving a sense of natural and organic movement. A quadrangular turned entrance serves as a showcase, reinforcing the sense of the topographical curves and enhancing the natural light entering the space.

At the entrance, we see in the left wall, five meters filled with dishes cascading hanging, showing the first of many winks to the animal world. We see them as irreverent and funny pictures of animals dressed in suits, full of details that only the more observant will notice. On the right, floating on a wooden and stainless steel pedestal, in front of the impressive shelves, have the huge floating bar made in Corian ®. This polished white bar of organic forms, evokes the element volatility, standing almost perfectly balanced on the stand that supports it.

All the furniture, designed by GABRIEL CORCHERO STUDIO, have been made of chestnut wood and DM veneer with a water neutral varnish treatment. The chairs, solid wood, is upholstered in natural fabrics of different patterns for the low chairs and lacquered in white with non-slip treatment on the high stools, with discreet and useful design details like a hidden carabiner to hang the handbags. The tables are accompanied by a path made of white polished Corian ® emulating a typical tablecloth of a traditional table from a new point of view, all supported by a robust table leg of lacquered steel just in the center. Other tables have been conducted in solid Spanish oak with a treatment of natural waxes that evoke the rustic sense of craftwork as the “Poncelet table”. The small modular tables in the library on which we could leave a book, a good wine or a delicious tasting of cheese, bet for the vibrant colors to give this space for reading and conference a more dynamic meaning.

Some architectural elements that have been developed specifically as walls covered with tree branches dipped in plaster or inverted tapers down from the ceiling, to simulate fungi for remind us once again our relationship with nature and the environment. Once inside, where space is multiplied by three in height, we have two works of art that make you immediately feel the breathe of a special atmosphere. Winks to the animal world reach its maximum expression in the series “Light Box”, where various animal faces ( thanks to which they it’s possible the manufacture of cheese: goat, sheep, cows, buffaloes. …) Are out of context and seeing from an almost comical perspective that translates into visual entertainment for diners.

Another key is the great wall of the room placed opposite to the Cheese Cellar. This view, almost kaleidoscopic, plays with geometry and chromatic creating a beautiful composition that looks as if merges with nature of the vertical garden, other of the elements with more visual impact load together with the Cheese Bar that are there in Poncelet. The Garden of 30 m2 of surface is the most tangible proof of the concept implicit in the project nature, also comply with practical functions such as being the lung of the space, maintaining adequate moisture and absorbing noise.

The very emblem, the great jewel, of this Gastro-Bar, is the Cheese Cellar. As a rough diamond emerging from the ground, made of cedar wood and protected with natural oils vaporized to reach perfect conservation of Cheese on the inside, which is equiped with the latest technology to manage the temperature and humidity. This great totem is what the lucky diners sitting at the low bar will gonna see while they’re eating, it’s based on the concept of sushi bars, where the Maitres Fromagers prepare elaborate tables of cheeses in front of us.

It has been treated with special attention on the lighting, based on the warmth and harmony. Playing a key role the tones of the walls and ceilings that relax the environment to provide feelings of comfort and relaxation. In short, a unique restaurant concept as Poncelet Cheese Bar should be accompanied by a space and an identity to the height of the project and the result has been a perfect match … Bon apettite!



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