Prosopa by 360id studio

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An old glass factory in the area of Rouf, opposite the rail way tracks, in Athens was refurbished and converted into ProsopaRestaurant by 360id studio (Alexandros Tsikordanos).

The design of Prosopa was inspired by the faces of the city users.”The graphic design on the walls with messages and symbols create a link between the interior/ exterior spaces of the restaurant and the customers”, Alexandros Tsikordanos explains.

The restaurant is divided into two double height spaces with industrial windows and unique views of the city. The Bar, which is the heart of the restaurant, is positioned in the main space of the restaurant. The customer has direct views of the rail way through two big industrial windows. The secondary space is on the back of the restaurant with views towards Great Vasilios church. The two spaces are connected through a corridor with exposed brickwork which pro‐existed.

The design style of the restaurant is harmoniously balanced with the artistic style of the area and the costumers. A selection of furnitures by Magis and light fittings by Moooi blend nicely with the main materials of the interiors such as timber, metal and concrete.



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