”Restaurant design GERMAIN par India MAHDAVI” ”Restaurant design GERMAIN par India MAHDAVI”

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The Iranian architect India Mahdavi sign the decor of the restaurant Germain in Paris, where Sophie throne-a huge statue signed Xavier Veilhan – which serves over yellow.

Le Germain is the new trendy restaurant on Boulevard Saint-Germain, a place we must Costes group which has full confidence in the architect India Mahdavi for this site, even asking him to caricature its own style.

Two storey two moods … On the ground floor a decoration typed 70 years old chic bistros. On the floor of funky colors, the walls of the stairs gives the tone immediately, with the blue so special that the architect was repainted three times before finding the right tone.

But how about the Germain without mentioning the great Sophie, this sublime sculpture by Xavier Veilhan that crosses the ceiling of the ground floor to return to the floor, the corner keys to an English club. A determination of the French artist who liked to India Mahdavi, and makes you want to discover the first floor immediately!

The facets of the great Sophie recalled dressing on the bar. I love this ! (source-deco design)


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