Spiedo by SJB Interiors

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SJB Interiors, the design studio behind many of Sydney’s most recognisable restaurants and bars, have created a space echoing the romantic air of an outdoor Italian piazza for Spiedo, the new restaurant by chef and restaurateur Alessandro Pavoni.

Director of SJB Interiors Kirsten Stanisich, who led the design team on the project, says the key elements to Spiedo’s overall design was to create a space with an Italian flavour where the diners have a strong sense of connection with the preparation of Alessandro’s food.


“There were a number of difficult challenges in the design of Spiedo, firstly how to create a restaurant atmosphere which translates from breakfast to dinner, how to create a venue which has it’s own identity within a larger shopping centre context and how to infuse a contemporary Italian feel without resorting to literal or clichéd references.”

“Alessandro’s passion for Lombardia was obvious from our first meeting and it seemed really natural that the plan should radiate from the kitchen so that the food preparation became the key focus. We thought about what building elements are considered identifiably Italian and how we might re-think the way they are traditionally used. We selected an earthy hexagonal terracotta tile to line the ceilings and continued the hexagonal pattern into the mosaic bar fronts and flooring. We used a common grade, limed knotty hardwood to areas of the floor as well as the ceiling, tables and structural columns. In essence the finishes are humble, approachable and uncomplicated. They help to keep the restaurant feeling fresh during the day and warm and intimate in the evening. We also felt very strongly that the design should relate to the dramatic surrounding public spaces designed by Wonder Wall and the Westfield Design team so we developed an open plan layout without any tenancy walls and inserted vertical glass louvres, localised ceilings and timber columns to give the space a sense of intimacy.”



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