Tank by Anna Drummond Design

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TANK heralds a new take on the traditional Lygon Street eatery with a cheeky nod to the tradition of real Greek fish and chips. The 1890′s corner shop, complete with Victorian neoclassical embellishments is a perfect envelope for the quirky fitout which promises a menu of fresh seafood and communal dining in addition to take-away favourites.

Sited on the iconic Lygon and Argyle Place corner, TANK was inspired in name and nature by the allure of an aquarium, where spectators are captured for an immersive encounter. Spilling a cool neon glow across Argyle Park, TANK exudes a delicious mix of fresh flavours and chilled tunes in high contrast to the neighbouring ‘ristorantes’.

With the interior design, branding and graphics developed by Anna Drummond Design, the TANK fitout displays the successful integration of design disciplines. The result is a cohesive branding experience that begins with the view from the street, and comes home with you on the customised packaging of your steaming takeaway parcel.

The interior design is characterised by simple finishes set in high contrast, such as a flotilla of white-hot neon that melts into a backdrop of deep indigo Victorian tiles. When seated on the silver ‘wet suit’ upholstered banquets, the iced seafood display seems to hover over a cladding of fish-scale shaped marble mosaics. The centrepiece of the design is a 6 metre long communal table, tiled in a patchwork of handmade Iznik tiles, sourced individually from Istanbul for the project.

The overlay of simple text-based graphics combined with a space you can feel, taste and smell ensures that TANK is poised to stir a new crowd in the old Lygon Street strip.

Source: Anna Drummond Design


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