The Johnnie Walker House by Asylum

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ASYLUM and LOVE, two award-winning creative firms hailing from Singapore and Manchester, team up to work on building the world’s first Johnnie Walker House in Shanghai; an experiential, interactive space created to host the most sophisticated Whisky Conversations. While LOVE took the role of branding, ASYLUM undertook the responsibility of designing the interior, the Johnnie Walker House is conceived with the intent to engage and advocate loyalty amongst premium whisky drinkers in Shanghai, targeting influential consumers, trade media as well as financial communities.

“…a space that doesn’t talk at our guests but talks to them, a space that has multiple layered conversations woven into its very fabric. A space that’s full of discovery that through storytelling imparts sustainable knowledge and insight. A space that creates JW whisky evangelists.” ASYLUM and LOVE came up with an original idea to create the most premium whisky conversation in the world using the introduction and education of whisky. The concept incorporates the rich history of Johnnie Walker and whisky knowledge alongside essential elements and building blocks of whisky – malt, water, wood, yeast, copper and peat – into the spatial design.



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