The NOx Club in Recife, by the architect Metro Arquitetura and Juliano Dubeux

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Club NOX in Recife, Brazil is proof positive that DJs should be allowed to design nightclubs more often. Metro Arquitectura used a design from three entrepreneurs, two of whom are up-and-coming DJs by trade, to create an LED-illuminated latticed nightlife wonderland.

The Club NOX design is comprised of a dance floor and an open terrace lounge area. I love the brightly-colored LEDs that show off the undulating shapes of the architecture.

Implications – Consumers in modern society are looking for a bit of luxury in all of their products. Designs that feature a more prestigious element are appealing to those who desire exclusivity in their lives.

Hired for the task, METRO Arquitetura + Juliano Dubeux (  turned the lot located in one corner of the intersection between two of the main avenues in Recife, into NOX Club, a 1.100 square meter house divided in two main areas, dance floor and a lounge with open terrace. When finished, the Club looked like a dark box of stained steel wrapping a crystal cube that lights up in color during the night. The façades already give a glimpse of the house’s concept: constant transition of materials and colors through opaque glass and oxidized metal.

The steel volume contains the ground level dance floor that changes color according to the rhythm of the music thanks to transparent crisscrossed material on walls and ceiling colored by RGB LEDs. The DJ area is wide enough for presentation of duos or even small groups of artists.

The glassed volume houses the lounge area, a clean white space with softer surfaces and lighting, perfect to gather friends for a chat or a bite. An open terrace and wood furniture combined with lots of plants grants rest for the tiring dancer. Bottom line, it takes a lot of clubbing understand the mutant needs of the guests and translate them into space. Pictures by Leonardo Finotti (”  – Arch Editor André Pinto

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