Zuiders Proeflokaal by PUBBLIK

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In Uden, the South of The Netherlands, opened in december 2010 Zuiders Proeflokaal (translated Southern tasting room).
Marjolein Bangma from PUBBLIK was assigned to design the interior.

The owners were inspired by bars in the Basque region in Spain where there is an easy after-work feel with pintxos (small bites) displayed on the bar which guests can point out and eat straight away on a small dish. PUBBLIK translated this look&feel into a light, fresh and ‘sunny’ interior with subtle references and yellow accents. Materials were picked to create a natural and friendly interior such as oak timber, a brick wall, leather benches with yellow stitches  and white tiles.

The end-grain bar refers to a butcher chopping block. Here the smoked Spanish ham is cut onto and together with the showcases placed on the bar it gives the full attention to the fresh made pintxos.

In the back of the space is an extra working bench provided were the staff prepares for dinner but more important, it makes the back, together with the open kitchen, a more interesting place to sit for the guests. Overall is a lot attention for decorations such as olive-oil cans, terracotta plates, specials wrote down on cutting boards and chalkboards. The timber slated ceiling with gaps in between helds lighting above to simulate an attic.

Besides the design of the interior and facade (the glass front can be opened completely, so the interior and terrace will flow into each other), PUBBLIK was also responsible for the graphics (except the website) so the whole concept will come together. The logo is kept simple with yellow as the accent color. The menu has a kraft paper cover and the font of the numbers is inspired on big product signs on markets.

PUBBLIK is a design office bases in Amsterdam, specialized in hospitality concepts. Their slogan is Designing Imperfection as they believe that a bar shouldn’t be perfect.



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