Fastvinic by Alfons Tost

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This Barcelona cafe looks more like a warehouse, with everything from sofas to fridges housed within tall shelving units.

The Fastvinic cafe, by interior designer Alfons Tost, also accommodates a bar, televisions, storage boxes and potted plants on its full-height shelves.

A glazed wall encloses the cafe kitchen so that customers can see their sandwiches being prepared.

Bathrooms are located in the basement and feature washbasins shaped like shopping baskets.

Other interesting Barcelona eateries include a cafe with a bar under the stairsand a cocktail bar made of doors with a door made of cupboards.

Photography is by Eugeni Pons.

Fastvinic was born as a environmental and sustainable project, as well as getting a functional and defuse space where the client could flow around the space enjoying the self-service concept.

The space has two levels, the ground floor with kitchen and dinning-room and the underground with bathrooms and service office.

On the ground floor we find a perimetral element, a “mecano shelves” resoling the requirements of each space; sits on the dinning-room, bar on the corridor, support for the wine and recycling machines and the higher part of the shelves that are supporting the plants referring the compromise with the nature and helping the regeneration of the oxygen.

All the elements are designed to be recycled and dismantled.

The kitchen, located on the entrance it´s been designed as a domestic space because of the colors and the materials, and has the intention to work like a window-shopping where the client before choose the menu could enjoy watching the domestic process of the kitchen.

On the underground, we find two big elements covered with pine wood making the service areas.

We find the sustainability in all the levels; on the materials, eco, woods FSC (from under control forest), adhesive free of volatile carcinogenic… we recover all the grey water of the energetic waste.

All the lighting of the space is with Leeds, electrical appliance… even the final product that we serve to the client. The packaging is also 100% compostable.

The graphic design of Dani Buch and Judit Prat are “human-ingredients” with Catalan attitudes (showing him selves as a “sardanes” and “castellers”), claiming the Km 0 concept: proximity of the product.

Interior Designer: Alfons Tost Interiorisme (Alfons Tost)

Contributors: Montse Hernando, Isabel Figueras, Mariona Espinet i Cristina Cirera.



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