Mocha Mojo by Mancini Enterprises

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Lego-like blocks are stacked along the walls of this cafe in Chennai by Indian studio Mancini Enterprises.

Part of a chain called Mocha Mojo, the cafe caters for 110 customers on two levels.

Lighting is concealed within the wall-mounted boxes, spilling out from above and below each colourful strata.

Mocha Mojo
Chennai, India

Mocha Mojo is a coffeehouse with 110 covers in Madras providing a space for coffee and conversations.

The design refers to the 70’s mastery of “special” – furniture/wallpaper which in turn dwelled on the early modernists’ approach towards interiors.

Beauty through purity, reduction to functionalist objects, light on pure material on pure colour.

Only in the 60s and 70s the old qualities of “opulence” and “ornament” were re-infused into interiors resulting in spaces of great intensity.

It is this intensity, which was searched for in this project.

Besides the carpenters and painters had great fun during the construction of those layers.

They had been generated in 3d and then issued to site level by level – a simple process which not unlike childhood Lego triggered immediate visual satisfaction.

Interior design by Mancini Enterprises in Chennai, India

Project team: Niels Schoenfelder, Bharath Ram, V.S. Aneesh, R. Velu, Sangeetha Patrick, Natasha Jeyasingh


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