Slowpoke Cafe by Sasufi

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This Melbourne cafe by French designer Sasufi features a 12 metre-long wall covered in timber offcuts.

Tabletops at the Slowpoke Cafe are made from recycling floorboards and other furniture was sourced from local flea markets.

Wider blocks protruding from the wooden wall above each table create shelves for condiments.

Slowpoke Cafe by Sasufi

Anne-Sophie Poirier is a French born and Melbourne based designer working under the name of Sasufi. She has recently completed the interior design and identity for Slowpoke Espresso, a café located in one of Melbourne’s most popular suburb, Fitzroy.

The budget being very small, it was a challenge to give the space a cozy feel and a strong identity while not having much money to do so.

The 12 meters long feature wall was created from timber offcuts collected from a variety of local furniture makers who use recycled timber themselves.

The variety of timbers species enhances the depth and warmth of the wall, giving a homely feel to the room.

The clean white walls also give the timber elements more prominence in the space.

Every so often a shelf comes out of the wall to display sugar bowls and salt above the tables.

Most building materials (tiles, lamp shades, street sign etc…) were gathered from local flea  markets.

The tables are made of recycled timber floors.

The sign is lite from the inside by a torch lamp that is charged by a connected solar panel sitting on the top of the recycled wooden tool box.

The business cards are made from recycled packaging cardboards, hand cut and then stamped.

The café serves quality organic food and coffee with a smile.


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