The Wall of Zudaji by 403architecture

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Japanese studio 403architecture constructed the walls of this wooden shed using leftover materials from three earlier projects.

Entitled the Wall of Zudaji, the shed provides a furniture storage area for a restaurant near to the architects’ office in Hamamatsu.

Clear corrugated plastic clads the building to create a waterproof exterior screen, while the roof is a corrugated sheet of zinc-coated steel.

At night, lights inside glow through gaps in the wooden walls, which are affixed to a structural frame of recycled wooden palettes.

The three projects that had scrap material left over were the Floor of Atsumithe Grid of Santen and the Difference of Ebitsuka – see them all here.

The Wall of Zudaji

We designed and built an warehouse for interior shop including a restaurant. At this time, we had some stock of materials from the other 3 projects, “the floor of Atsumi”, “the grid of Santen”, “the difference of Ebitsuka”.

So, we decided to use these material for the warehouse. But it was not enough amount. The additional idea is wrecking a palette which is used by the freight. In these days, the material of the palette shift to plastic from timber, so the company of transportation is bothered with how to dispose much amount of woods.

That is why we decided to use this material which had supported the distribution system for new distribution we dreams.

The palette is strong to work as structure, so we sticked each boards of palette with a screw to make columns and the wall.

The materials for cladding are simple, for example the transparent waving polycarbonate, the palette siding, aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel sheet.

In this project, we wanna touch not only design of Architecture, but also material consumption and distribution by using the material of palette and some stock of other projects with the alternative deign of distribution.


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