Cafe Sonja by PostlerFerguson

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Vienna Design Week 2011: London designers PostlerFerguson have created a temporary Viennese coffee house for Vienna Design Week, which continues until Sunday.

They designed all the furniture to be flat-packed and flown to Vienna from their London studio, then slotted together on site.

Dark furniture and golden, reflective panels reference the opulence of traditional cafes on a temporary scale.

Cafe Sonja was one of five Carte Blanche projects at Vienna Deign Week, which invites designers to create urban scenarios in forgotten spaces.

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Here are some more details from PostlerFerguson:

Cafe Sonja is a temporary cafe we designed for the 2011 Vienna Design Week in the second district of Vienna. Drawing on the unique aesthetics and feel of the traditional Viennese coffee house we designed a space which uses dark colours, complex, interlocking structures and high reflective gold surfaces to create an almost Brothers Grimm like atmosphere.

All furniture and fittings where produced by us in London, flat-packed and flown to Vienna where we set up the Cafe within 3 days.

Cafe Sonja welcomes guests from the 29.09.2011 until 10.10.2011 and operated by the legendary Cafe Drechsler.



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