Dri Dri at St Martins Lane by Elips Design

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A pop-up Italian ice cream stall at St Martins Lane Hotel in London evokes the seaside with yellow beach huts and striped decking.

Designed by architects Elips Design, the temporary shop serves gelato by UK company Dri Dri from a timber cart on wheels.

Coloured semi-circles decorate the glass facade of the shop, illustrating the different flavours of ice cream available.

Other popular pop-up shops we’ve featured in the past include a fashion store with tights stretched across the wallsa bicycle shop for Tokyo Bike and our ownDezeen Watch Store pop-up in Covent Garden.

Photography is by Carlo Carossio.

Here are some more details from Elips Design:

The Front Room of St Martins Lane’s hotel is a dynamic retail space. It has housed various creative collaborations with partners including The Convenience Store (fashion boutique), Wallpaper (photography exhibition), Angela Hill (vintage books), The Design Museum (film screening) and Nowness (video installation).

This time it will be converted by ELIPS DESIGN into an idyllic Italian beach, complete with traditional decking, coloured beach cabins, sun umbrellas, chairs and tables. The customers will be transported to the Mediterranean in the heart of London’s bustling centre enjoying their gelato DRI DRI.

The beach cabins are thought in the way to divide the space and create a back of the house for storage.

The sun umbrella are wall stickers to create more perspective in a bi dimensional space.


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