Sorayumebako by Yukio Kimura

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Japanese interior designer Yukio Kimura has created this combined cafe, gallery and second-hand book shop in Osaka, Japan.

Called Sorayumebako, the interior is lined with a wooden grid supporting shelves for the books and frames for the artwork.

The whole space is painted in orange, including walls, ceiling, floor and all the furniture.

Photographs are by Kiyotoshi Takashima.


It is located in the area where locals live in, far away from the busy commercial centre. I designed the shop with the concept of “not to blend in the surrounding”, following my client’s request to reflect the meaning of “Sorayumebako” to the actual design.

“Sorayume” is a Japanese word meaning “a fabricated dream” to tell people as if you actually dreamed it. Having this concept in mind, I tried to create space where visitors feel as if they stepped into another world, a dream.

The key colour of orange interprets the time between day and night, summer and winter, and yin and yang. It reveals that this is a place for visitors to change their mind from yang “daily life” to yin “private life”. I only used one colour in order to enhance visitor’s awareness through the shop from within and without.

For letting visitors associate “bako” (the variant form of “hako”) meaning “a box” in English, I lined a series of portal frames from the entrance to the shop. Using this unique structure, I had tables, bookshelves, exhibition panels and projector panels built-in, in order to make use of space for many different occasions.

Design: kraf•te, Yukio Kimura
Sign Graphics: kraf•te, Yukiko Yamamoto
Collaboration / Lighting: Fukunishi Electric Corporation, Yoshino Higashi
Constructi+on: Up Life

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