andreas angelidakis: feeder @ breeder

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architect andreas angelidakis developed feeder restaurant as a combination of two spaces.
one space is inhabited by a pristine white lacquer system of modular seating and dining units,
the other, by mismatched, used chairs and tables found in the area of metaxourgeio, athens, greece.

the two spaces are collaged together as a continuously evolving ruin where chairs become benches,
tables extend to become columns, new seats are born from old. richly woven traditional kilims
are laid on glossy white surfaces in an architecture that continually copy and pastes between
the virtual ancient past and the real folklore present

the alafrangas, european educated greeks led by kapodistrias wanted to form the modern independent
nation not as a folklore relic, but as a direct descendant of the glorious ancient greece. in the first image,
we see a cafe divided into two sections, one for the rough, peasant shepherds and mountain fighters
wearing the kilts and the colorful embroideries, the other for the alafrangas,
wearing refined suits and playing billiard.

as a result of the great bankruptcy, the international financial commission was founded to supervise the enormous loans
that would help greece become an ‘independent’ nation. inside the cafe orea hellas it was folklore vs neoclassical,
colorful vs pristine, shelters made of sticks and stones vs romantic white marble ruins.
even nowadays, as greece is navigating its ‘second major financial crisis, one can sense that the country is a collage between
the glorious and somewhat virtual ancient past, and the live real present.’

project info:

feeder @ breeder,
design: andreas angelidakis,
design team: andreas angelidakis, sotiris vasiliou
realization: vangelis anagnostopoulos, mr vangelis, zair, fad, with special thanks to mr sifis lycakis
cooking for the first trimester: troo food liberation collective

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