dai nagasaka / méga: yamaga

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japanese architecture practice dai nagasaka / méga has sent us images of ‘yamaga’,
a restaurant and private residence in kyoto, japan. situated on a long and narrow site
bound on both sides by neighbouring buildings, the layout utilizes a buffering courtyard
to define the different zones of the design.

working with the pre-existing counter layout of the restaurant, the project maintains
a linear organization of the interior. the width of the space fluctuates to create intimate
pockets of seating and dining. dark-stained wood and paneling dominate the atmosphere
of the space while a contrasting western wall made out of mortar highlight the length of
the restaurant. corners are curved to further visually extend the sense of space.

visible from the dining space of the restaurant is a japanese-style room beyond the separating
courtyard. in addition to acting as a buffer zone between the two areas, the spatial void
draws in natural daylight for both interiors. a set of stairs located on the south end of the plan
leads up to the family’s living/dining/ kitchen area. the courtyard is once again
used as a three-dimensional layer of separation with an outdoor terrace bridging between
the communal programs and the bedrooms on the second level. in contrast with the restaurant,
the residence is completed with light-coloured wood paneling and finishes.

project info:

principal use: restaurant + private housing
site area: 135.14 m2
building area: 103.53 m2
total floor area: 191.15 m2

storeys: 2
main construction: wood

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