JagerJanssen architects + DREISSEN architects: restaurant and penthouse het bosch

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rotterdam-based practice JagerJanssen architects and DREISSEN architects have completed
‘restaurant and penthouse het bosch’, a two-storey structure on the nieuwe meer lakeside in amsterdam,
the netherlands. consisting of a restaurant, private bar, and a penthouse unit, the design sits on
a system of structural stilts to hover above the water, establishing an obstructed view of the site.

the design has two distinct expressions: clad in panels of scorched timber, the face
towards the marina employs a rougher aesthetic in order to reflect the characteristics
of the architecture of boat hangars; the lake facade is defined by a more horizontal
and sleek appearance with large areas of transparency.

in a similar fashion, the roofline of the two opposing sides are also distinguished by
contrasting languages: 3-pitched roof formations on the marina side gradually transmorph
into a straight edge on the lakeview side. the result is a dynamic ceiling surface that
seemingly reconfigures itself from different points of the interior.

(left) floor plan / level 0
(right) floor plan / level +1

(1) restaurant entrance
(2) restaurant
(3) open kitchen
(4) balcony
(5) dwelling stairs
(6) private bar
(7) toilets
(8) penthouse entrance
(9) penthouse
(10) panoramic terrace

longitudinal section
(1) restaurant
(2) open kitchen
(3) balcony
(4) dwelling stairs
(5) private bar
(6) toilets
(7) penthouse
(8) panoramic terrace

project info:

 het bosch OG BV
gross area: 480 m2
design team: alex jager, roeland dreissen, rogier janssen, marijn boterman
construction: luning
installations: breman
contractor: reimert/ubink

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