kotaro horiuchi architecture: salon du fromage

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international architects, kotaro horiuchi has completed ‘salon du fromage’,
a small cheese boutique and restaurant located in paris’ first androssiment.
the unconventional shop lacks components traditionally seen in delicatessens,
implementing instead an environment that encourages discovery and engagement.

the narrow two-storey structure, originally built in the 18th century, is wrapped
in a soft curvaceous wall that divides the space into a series of intimate, cave-like

a shop, located on the ground floor is filled with cylindrical pedestals varying in
height and diameter, acting as display refrigerators for some 350 varieties of cheese.
custom lamps, resembling cubes of cheese, hang from the ceiling, bouncing particles
of light around monochromatic space, dramatically changing the atmosphere with its
milky-white glow.

a rippling stairway leads visitors upstairs to a ripening room and modular open kitchen
where customers can take part in wine tastings, classes and cheese seminars. a small
restaurant – serving variations of fondue and raclette – is furnished with dining tables
and chairs that were designed specifically for the space.

secondary functions, including a preparation kitchen and storage space, is located in the
back of the shop.

show kitchen where wine tastings and classes take place

see designboom’s previous article on the project, when it was conceptualized in 2008 here.

custom tables feature small holes that can hold wine glasses

patterns from the cheese-like lights cover the ceiling and walls of the small shop


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