maxim fast food restaurant

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maxim fast food restaurant

new interior designed by steve leung designers ltd,
+ alan chan design company
hong kong, china

the experience of eating in hong kong is an important
part of people’s collective memory, whether living in
or visiting the city.
maxim, a well-established local fast-food brand,
is repackaging this cultural scene into a contemporary
‘retro’ experience.

blending the past local fast-food shop design
and the style of today’s contemporary customers,
steve leung designers have created a new
aesthetic for the maxim restaurants.
using the red from their ‘blooming-heart’ logo,
paired with white; the team has designed an
interesting and dynamic space.

the heart theme is represented in different forms,
retaining and promoting the chain’s identity.
the heart-shaped mosaics is unique and custom-made
for maxim. the design of white fiber-glass furniture
also resonates the main theme of ‘old meets new’.
they are made according to the principles of

huge table lamps, with the red logo glowing from inside,
form a focus along the white, long dining tables.
these tables, are each equipped with several inset televisions.
eating with the tv on is a unique hong kong eating-style,
which is now being installed into maxim formally.
small table lamps with a similar design as the larger ones
are set into the detached tables. the designers aimed to
give it a touch of ‘homeliness’.

it’s not all about fast food, but it is an opportunity to show
art work too.
maxim is introducing 16 local famous artists and their work,
each were asked to use the heart theme.
the art effect is enchanting and vibrant.

table with inset televisions and double seat benches

smaller lampshaes on tables

fibre glass seats, shaped for comfort

heart shaped tiles line the walls, in red and white

heart themed graphics by local



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