Restaurant Table Top Dimensions

There is no such thing as standard restaurant table dimensions. Each restaurateur has a different view on what size is needed for his/her restaurant. The type of cuisine and turnaround time also needs to be seriously considered when choosing table top dimensions.

The faster the table turnaround needed in a restaurant, the smaller the table size required, hence why there are different table dimensions required for casual dining and formal dining.

Restaurant table dimensions are also affected by what the restaurant is planning to place on the table, for example, how big are the plates, how many glasses, how many side plates or serving dishes will be left on the table while the diner is eating? All of these factors must be considered.

Although we have only illustrated round and square restaurant tables within our diagram, different shapes can work well in different environments.

Large oval tables can create a sense of style for a one-off chef’s table or they can be placed within a bay window and also work incredibly well within curved banquette seating booths.

Small rectangular restaurant tables are useful where space is tight. Sometimes a 650mm x 750mm is just enough for a table for two and allows for an extra table in a certain space or along a specific length of banquette seating.

D-ended tables are also highly suitable for deep circular booth seating.

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