sander architects: edible restaurant

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los angeles based sander architects recently unveiled their design for a restaurant with an edible facade. grace restaurant will be located in the rectory of the decommissioned st. vibiana’s cathedral, LA.

the proposal features the addition of a triangular piece of property adjoining the rectory, which will include a new kitchen on the first floor with cooking facilities and a private chef’s table on the upper floor.

sander architects explored the idea of  ‘a building you can eat’ via ‘vertical garden’ outer walls covered with fruits, vegetable and herbs that the passerby can pick at.  an open street-side counter will also cater to walk-up orders.  ‘with this edible idea, the building become both environmentally and people friendly’. more images of the project can be seen here.

design-aerobics food course now open for enrollment
designboom is pleased to announce that our upcoming, online design education course on the topic
of food is now available for purchase. from its packaging to the surroundings in which it’s consumed and everything in between, this course provides a good taste of design in the food sector

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