taku sakaushi / OFDA: firefly squid

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‘firefly squid’ by japanese architect taku sakaushi / OFDA is a two-storey italian restaurant
in a compact business district of tokyo, japan. despite facing an extremely small site measuring
56 m2, the design includes an alley-like outdoor garden that runs along the south-west side
of the plot, connecting the dining space with the exterior through a continuous strip of glazed wall.

asymmetrical in profile, the street face offers a low visual access to the interior of the restaurant.
the entrance is carved out from the right side of the elevation which can be concealed by a swinging
door that runs up the whole height of the structure. clad in metallic panels, the exterior is read as
a solid volume which seemingly floats on top of the glazed base.

the interior is linearly arranged with bar seating that looks directly into the kitchen. a private party room
is accommodated in the back with a larger dining space on the second level. while slim in proportions,
the visual access to the garden outside generates an illusion of extension while simultaneously concealing
the urban qualities of the site.

floor plan / level 0
(1) entrance
(2) counter seats
(3) box seats
(4) kitchen
(5) party room
(6) warehouse
(7) bathroom
(8) void space
(9) pathway garde

project info:

site area: 56 m2
building area: 54 m2
total floor area: 90 m2

structural engineer: jun sato
assistant architect: yuki kato
construction: daiyasu kensetsu


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