TOFU architects: h-house

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osaka-based architecture firm TOFU, has designed a three story complex consisting of a ground floor restaurant
and two levels of residential spaces. located in shiga, japan, the building faces the hikone castle, a historical landmark which
dates back to the edo period. to take advantage of the view, a continuous concrete custom built staircase wraps around
the exterior of the structure, turning into a large terrace.

the ground floor café has a textured façade constructed from sheets of metal, while the residence is made from precast concrete.
a tin roof visually ties back to the first level. the variety of the materials separate the functions found on the interior.
the ground floor is zuhirõ jr. café, a chinese style eatery managed by the residents upstairs. the interior spaces integrate
concrete and an a polished OSB plywood. the contrast between the gray and warm wood, combined with white interior fixtures
create a modern but warm space.
floor plan / level 2
1 kitchen
2 living & dining room
3 japanese style room
4 entrance
5 water closet
6 power room
7 bathroom
8 bedroom
9 balcony

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