murman arkitekter for materia

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le mur’

‘le mur’ is a modular seating system that swedish design company materia has developed
in collaboration with wivian eidsaunet and marie oscarsson of murman arkitekter.
its form comes from the idea of having a room within a room and can be arranged in a number
of configurations: round, pivoted or straight. there are irregularly placed buttons
on the back of ‘le mur’ which are not only for decoration. they go all the way through the wall
and can function as hanging devices. ‘le mur’ was presented at the stockholm furniture fair 2010.

ACQUA CREATIONS :ayala serfaty

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ayala serfaty, born in tel aviv 1962, studied
fine art at the bezalel academy of art in jerusalem,
then, in 1985, continued her studies at the
middlesex polytechnic in england. in 1993 ayala
founded ‘aqua creations’ with husband albi serfaty,
and remains the sole designer of the company.

ayala uses a feminine way to break minimalism
in her work, using textures to form surfaces
and taking her colours and scale from art.
her early work is influenced by underwater plants
and creatures, translating the laws of nature into
handmade furniture and lighting.
while she first worked in sculpture and furniture,
now with aqua creations, they are concentrating
on lighting. their work has included interiors,
site specific lighting and then their ranges of lamps.
the sculpted lamps are made of treated silk laid on
a metal structure. the silks are hand dyed in india

aqua’s newest collections are ‘soma’, something
that alaya feels relates back to her origins as an
artist. the research is free of end use or time limits
and returns to work of more self expression.

soma’s structure is composed of ‘lampworked’
layers of tinted transparent glass veins that create
both depth and surface. a clear skin is webbed over
the glass structure. both materials are extremely
fragile. their symbiotic relationship creates a strong
spatial structure, merging the two materials into
specificity. soma lightened objects explore the
interaction created between the glass structure
and the skin, and the relativity of coverage to visible

the practice of soma is evolving from one piece to
the next. each of these pieces is exploring ways to
transform calligraphy into texture and into structure.
in each piece various particular relationships are
created between the surface, light and shade.
soma is the result of a team-work of artists who
bring different skills to the table; partner, albi serfaty
developed the clear-web technology, eytan hall and
anna gautier of aqua creations weave the glass and
lampwork it to its unique, one of a kind structure
and marcelle klein and ronit zor are independent
artists which whom are commissioned to create
the ceramics. infact the aqua creations studio,
in tel aviv, if filled with employees who help develop,
produce and package the products. aqua now, also,
have offices in new york, usa and holland, europe.


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